The optimization of the transmission or differential is done by adding a specially calculated amount of liquid technology (no oil additive) in the heated-up transmission oil circuit.

The vehicle must be driven directly about a distance of at least 50 km with high switch intensity and varying load conditions.

The liquid technology improves the lubrication qualities, reduces the friction on all surfaces of the transmission, ensured by its high pressure resistance an optimal geometry and optimizes the running characteristics.

The results are:

  • Reduction of the energy losses
  • Efficiency factor increase
  • Smooth changing
  • Reduction of running noises
  • Reduction of vibration
  • Reduction of temperature
  • Longterm wear protection

The product can be applied in manual and also some automatic gearboxes without differential that included blades. The effect beginning is depending on the technical condition of the transmission and the single components. To achieve the full effect with roughly polluted transmission oil circulations, an oil change with following second treatment is recommended.


The technology is itself under pressure self-regulating, solidly and constantly being liable, adaptable, elastic wear protective coating provided with low frictional coefficients in the nano amorphous form which can be used everywhere in transmissions where wear and friction is undesirable. The liquid technology does not change the chemical and physical properties as well as the base data of the lubricants which are prescribed by the manufacturer for the transmission.