The cleaning of the engine is done by adding a specially calculated amount of liquid technology (no oil additive) in the heated-up engine oil circuit.

Run engine 3 to 5 minutes in idle.

Following 150 km must be driven under increased load.

During the process mentioned above, the effect of a thorough cleaning of the microrelief of damaged microparticles of the wear process, combustion residues and other contaminants enters – the combustion chamber (valve areas and piston head) and the oil circuit (also oil supply lines of ancillary components such as turbochargers or high-pressure diesel pump) are cleaned. It must be made an oil change with renewal of the oil filter and the follow-up treatment with   


Nearly all modern petrol and diesel engines – particularly direct injection – suffer from the so-called “coking”. As much as is often the cloak of silence on the subject lays – we of NORROL have set ourselves the challenge to provide an effective and sustainable solution. The result are our products, and these are currently often the only real solution. Usually, customers are not aware of a defect, that is caused to the vehicle by combustion residue and carbon deposits. Especially often auxiliary units are concerned, such as for example turbocharger, the high pressure pump or components such as fuel injectors or valves, which is not directly recognized in connection with contamination in the lubrication circuit. The cause is most of these impurities and carbon deposits in the lubrication circuit, which close oil passages and lead to lack of oil damage. With our products and you reduce the risk of costly repairs significantly.